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BİM308 - Web Programming @B7

Instructor: Asst.Prof.Dr.Ahmet ARSLAN
Teaching Assistants:
Course Book: Spring Boot in Action, Craig Walls, Manning Publications, 2015.
Other Resources: Spring Boot Reference Guide
Course Outline:
1. Week
1.1. Spring rebooted
1.1.1. Taking a fresh look at Spring
1.1.2. Examining Spring Boot essentials
1.1.3. What Spring Boot isn’t
1.2. Getting started with Spring Boot
1.2.1. Installing the Spring Boot CLI
1.2.2. Initializing a Spring Boot project with Spring Initializer
1.3. Summary

2. Week
2.1. Putting Spring Boot to work
2.1.1. Examining a newly initialized Spring Boot project
2.1.2. Dissecting a Spring Boot project build
2.2. Using starter dependencies
2.2.1. Specifying facet-based dependencies
2.2.2. Overriding starter transitive dependencies
2.3. Using automatic configuration
2.3.1. Focusing on application functionality
2.3.2. Running the application
2.3.3. What just happened?
2.4. Summary

3. Week
3.1. Overriding Boot auto-configuration
3.1.1. Securing the application
3.1.2. Creating a custom security configuration
3.1.3. Taking another peek under the covers of auto-configuration
3.2. Externalizing configuration with properties
3.2.1. Fine-tuning auto-configuration
3.2.2. Externally configuring application beans
3.2.3. Configuring with profiles
3.3. Customizing application error pages
3.4. Summary

Example code from Spring Boot in Action

4. Week

Recap for the first midterm: First three chapters of the text book. Demonstrate sample multiple choice questions.

5. Week

A "data compression" seminar by Prof. Dr. Ziya Arnavut from Fredonia University.


Talk about 

  • Education in US and Turkey
  • What should students expect if they study in US

  • Cultural Differences

The seminar will start at 09:30 in B7.

6. Week

First Midterm

7. Week

8. Week

9. Week

1) download 1M-Signal dataset

2) download a solr distribution

3) unzip and put it under /Users/iorixxx/Desktop/solr-x.y.z/server/solr directory

4) bin/solr start

5) At this point you should see the solr admin page : http://localhost:8983/solr/#/signal

9) bin/post -c signal sample-1M.jsonl

If you are working at school, you can use the solr URL :

10. Week

Recap and preparation for the second midterm.

A few more iterations on the homework:


11. Week

Umut Aydin's presentation

I will try to incorprate 2-3 questions for the final exam.

12. Week

Search Engine Optimization training by Mümin Deniz

SEO Eğitimi

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