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Invitation for Joining CommTECH Camp Insight 2018
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Invitation for Joining CommTECH Camp Insight 2018

ITS as one of the best research universities in Indonesia would like to invite your students, academic, and non-academic staffs to participate in the Community and Technological Camp (CommTECH) Camp Insight 2018 which will take place in Surabaya Indonesia on 24 January – 6 February 2018. Designed as a platform to discuss and solve local problems, we modified this program into a 14-day program integrating new concepts and innovations. The participants will be challenged to critically solve real problems using a project based model. The results of this program will not be presented at the exhibition during the closing but will also be implemented by the Surabaya City government.

CommTECH program is a short course program designed to facilitate and share better understanding of complex issues related with the intertwining of societal and technological problems, especially in Indonesia. It is also a platform to open up an opportunity to exchange ideas and to develop a mutual vision for the future of our community. Under the theme, “Solving Local Problems with Global Knowledge”, this program provides courses and discussions on particular  topics, visitation and discussion with government and non-government agencies, society engagement, Indonesian Language courses, learning traditional music and dances, visit to main tourist destinations, and for sure tasting delicious Indonesian food.

The good news is ITS provides full and partial scholarships for participants from different institutions and countries to join this program.

Detailed information and online registration can be viewed and downloaded from our website:

Published on: Thursday, August 03, 2017
Will be published until: Sunday, September 17, 2017

Author of the announcement: Yard.Doç.Dr.Ahmet ARSLAN
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